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Story telling is a time tested tool to entertain and to share knowledge. Many stories of yestereyars still hold good even for the modern generation. You will seldom find a kid who does not enjoy listening to stories. We have started this endeavour to present you with collection of numerous told and untold stories. Many stories are adaptations of various folktales from India and from different parts of the world. We shall be also including contemporary stories to suit the contemporary tastes and sensibilities.

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Brahmin and Crocodile

The Brahmin was kind. He put the crocodile into a big sack and carried him to the river. "Here you are!" he said, releasing the crocodile from the sack. As soon as the crocodile was out, he looked at the Brahmin menacingly, and said, "Get ready to be eaten!" The Brahmin was taken aback! He asked, "How can you eat me? I just helped you!" said the crocodile. The Brahmin tried to escape but the crocodile caught hold of his leg and pulled him into the river. "How ungrateful of you!" cried the Brahmin? At this, the crocodile said, "I am not ungrateful. I am just following the practice that says: "Eat anything that will sustain you."Click for More


How do eagles glide, without flapping their wings?

If you watch an eagle’s movements through binoculars, you will see that even though the bird appears to be gliding lazily, it is actually very active. Its outer wing feathers and tail feathers are constant motion, catching up-drafts of warm air, and steering the brid through moving air currents.Click for More


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