Interesting English Stories

A Rumour Takes Wing

The Brahmin, The Crocodile and The Fox

The Merchant's Clever Daughter and The Moneylender

The Clever Wife

Costly Gift

Dirty Pig

The Elephant Nose

The Cunning Fox and The Clever Stork


Poor Hungry Boy and A Glass of Milk

God Provides

Hair Transplant

The Hair and The Tortoise

Hen and Golden Eggs

The Lucky Bird

The Mango Tree

The Merchant and His Donkey

The Monkeys Go Fasting

Oh! God

Prince Charming

How The Prince Won The Princess Labam?

Lion and Mouse

The Robbers

Rope Trick

Royal Servant

The Challange

The Right to Say No

The Root of the Matter

The Secret

The Three Brothers

The Three Runners

The Unwelcome Guest

The Three Brothers An African Folk Tale

The Tiger's Wedding


Uncle Spider An African Folk Tale


A Bundle of Sticks

Change Yourself and Not The World

How the Cowherd found a Bride


The EEL and the Coconut Tree

Kuwar and the Princess

A Lac of Rupees for a Bit of Advice

The Lady who was a Witch

Long Names

Love as Salt

Selfish Man and Gold Coins

How The Sun, The Moon and The Wind went out to Dinner

The Bearded Fool

The Cat Legs

The Charmed Ring

The Correct Match

The Cow Dung Bettle

The Drum That Sang

The Farmer's Presents

The Grasping Raja

The Hungry Fox got cought in Tree Trunk

The Ivory City and it's Fairy Princess

The Monkey Boy

The Prince and The Fakir

The Raja Dream

The Son of Seven Queens

The Thirsty Crow

The Eldest Son


The King is saved

The Magical milestone

The Silver well

Wealth & Wisdom

Why the Fish Laughed

Wolf Came

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