How did Siddhartha, the prince of Kapilavastu, earn a place in history?

gautam buddha

image source: wikimedia commons

How did prince Siddhartha become Gautam Buddha?

Siddartha was born in Kapilavastu. He was the son of a king named Suddhodana. Though he lived in the lap of luxury, Siddartha was greatly moved by the suffering that he saw around him, and the pain of existence. Ultimately, he left his palace and family, and set out in search of ‘truth’.

Siddhartha spent several years fasting and meditating. His main objective was to overcome all bodily desires, and to gain complete control over his mind. Legends say that one night in May, about 528 BC, while sitting under a papal tree, he received what is known to Buddhists as ‘enlightenment’.

After this, Siddhartha took the name Buddha, meaning ‘the enlightened one’. He went out into the world to teach his philosophy, thus becoming the founder of one of the world’s great religions. After Buddha’s death, his followers spread Buddhism throughout Asia.