Why is Helen Keller considered as a great inspiration to differently able persons?

helen keller

image source: wikimedia commons

Helen Keller is a woman who lost both her vision and hearing at the age of 19 months, but successfully fought against the odds, and became an exceptional leader, once she saw the potential of her own mind.

Helen Keller was born as a healthy child on June 27th, 1880, in the US. Perhaps, it was scarlet fever that struck the infant Helen Keller, and left her deaf and blind before she learned to speak.

Anne Sullivan became Helen’s teacher in 1887, and was always with her until her own death in 1936. Helen quickly learnt to read and write French, German, Greek, and Latin in Braille.

The most popular of her works is ‘The Story of My Life’, an autobiography of her early years, in more than 50 languages. Helen also did research, gave speeches, and helped raise money for many organizations for the blind by travelling around the world.

Helen also inspired many works of art, including tow Oscar-winning movies. She died in 1968.