Who developed the idea of computing?

The history of computers began with simple adding devices. The abacus, an ancient Chinese adding machine, is one of the original computing machines, used as early as 400 BC.

Famous mathematicians such as Leonardo da Vinci and Blaise Pascal invented more sophisticated calculators, using gears and punch cards.

Charles Babbage was a British mathematician, who is often called ‘The Father of Computing’. He designed the first automatic computing engines. He designed the first computer, a machine he called ‘the difference engine’, in 1822. It was the size of a house, could store a programme, ad was powered by steam. Babbage invented computers, but failed to build them.

charles babbage

image source: wikimedia commons

ENIAC, the first electronic general purpose computer capable of solving a full range of computing problems, was designed for the US Army at the beginning of this age. ENIAC was conveived and designed by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert in 1946.