Why is Sushruta called the father of surgery?

Sushruta, who lived in the 6th century BC in India, was the first surgeon in the world.

Maharishi Shushruta is a legendry scholar of the Indian medical science and founding father of surgery. 2600 Yrs ago Maharishi Shushruta together with his colleagues had conducted the variety of complex surgeries such as caesareans, artificial limbs, cataract, urinary stones, fractures, and most specially the plastic surgery. A famous book (Shalya Tantra) has been described by the Shushruta about all the surgical procedures. Shalya Tantra was later named as the Sushruta Samhita (have details about the ancient medical science of India, well known as the Ayurveda). Maharishi Shushruta is the author of Sushruta Samhita in Sanskrit language and had described all the amazing surgical procedures with the accuracy and curative efficacy. His great findings have become an essential component of the Indian culture.

sushruta father of surgery

image source: wikimedia commons

In his book ‘Sushruta Samhita’, he describes over 120 surgical instruments, 300 surgical procedures, and 8 types of surgeries. He is the pioneer of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. His book contains the first known description of several surgeries.

Sushruta suggested that patients should be kept under sedation with wine, so that they are relaxed during an operation. His emphasis on personal cleanliness and sterlisation of instruments are followed by surgeons till today.

His numerous contributions to the science and art of surgery have given him the title ‘Father of Surgery’.