Hair Transplant

A Folk Tale From Karnataka

A weaver was busy making a blanket outside his hut. A Jogi (a wandering ascetic) with long, matted hair came and stood to watch.

"What can I do for you, Babaji?" asked the weaver.

"Nothing, nothing," said the Jogi. "I want to see how a blanket is made. Your skill fascinates me."

Flattered, the weaver turned back to his work. When he was not looking, the Jogi pulled out several tufts of his long hair and mixed them with the wool the weaver was using.

When the weaver had finished making the blanket, he took it to the market to sell.

As he waited patiently for a customer, he suddenly became aware that somebody was standing behind him. He turned and saw that it was the Jogi.

"I want to see how a blanket is sold," he explained.

Presently an elderly man who was passing by, stopped to look at the blanket and after haggling interminably over the price agreed to buy it.

"Now please give me my share," said the Jogi to the weaver.

"What share?" asked the weaver, startled.

"What share?! What share?!" mimicked the Jogi. "Have you not used some of my hair to make the blanket?"

He snatched the blanket from the man who had bought it and showed the hairs that had been woven into it.

"This is my hair and this one and this one!" he pointed out triumphantly.

The weaver was so angry he felt like pulling out the rest of the Jogi's hair, but he controlled himself, and not wishing to make a scene in front of the customer shoved a few rupees in the ascetic's hand and sent him away.