Lion and Mouse

Once, a lion was asleep under a tree, just near his cave. A little mouse began running up and down on him. This soon awakened the lion. He felt irritated and was very angry. He caught the mouse, and opened his big jaws to swallow him.

"Pardon, My Lord!" cried the little Mouse, "Forgive me this time. He pleaded, “please, please let me go. I shall never repeat it and I shall never forget your kindness. And who knows, I may be able to help you in your tough time!” The lion laughed and laughed loudly as the mouse has cracked any joke. He said, “ I am a Loin, the King of Jungle. How can you help me?” But he let him go, as his mood was light now and the little mouse was too little to satisfy his hunger.

The Mouse helped The Lion

Sometime later, a few hunters captured the lion, and tied him to a tree. After that they went in search of a wagon, to take him to the zoo. Just then the little mouse happened to pass by. On seeing the lion’s plight, he ran up to him and gnawed away the ropes that bound him, the king of the jungle. "Was I not right?" said the little mouse, very happy to help the lion.

MORAL: Small acts of kindness will be rewarded greatly.