When Hanuman Refused To Obey Lord Rama:

Ramayana Stories

Lord Hanuman was unhappy after the coronation ceremony. He sat in the corner, meditating on Lord Rama with closed eyes. Tears were flowing incessantly from his eyes.

Sita noticed and informed Lord Rama at once about it. Rama went near to Hanuman and said, “I couldn’t give you anything in return for your Bhakti and Devotion. The only thing I can do is take you along with me to Vaikunta”. Hanuman asked, “Will you be there with me in Vaikunta” to which Lord Rama replied, “yes, but not as Rama, but as Lord Mahavishnu.” Lord Mahavishnu is the cause, and Lord Rama is the effect’.

Hanuman replied, “I wouldn’t go to a place where Lord Rama isn’t present. I will stay back in Ayodhya and will continue meditating on Lord Rama”.