Kubera, The Real Ruler Of Lanka:

Ramayana Stories

Lord Brahma had produced ten mind-born sons or Prajapatis while creating the Universe and Sage Pulatsya, Vishrava’s father was one of them, Rishi Bhardwaj was totally mesmerized by Vishrava and even offered his daughter Ilavida for marriage. Ilavida and Vishrava gave birth to Kuber, the Lord of Wealth.

But Tataka and Sumali also wanted Kaiseki, their daughter to marry Vishrava to increase their powers through alliances with kings and Rishis. They even planned their meeting. Vishrava fell in love with Kaiseki and fathered Ravana.

Kubera inherited Lanka from his father, Vishrava. Being a good son, he even shared all his wealth with his half-brother Ravana. But after receiving all kinds of boons from Brahma, Ravana overthrew Kubera from Lanka.