Laxman Defeating Sleep For 14 Years:

Ramayana Stories

Urmila, Laxman’s wife, was ready to accompany him when he was leaving for the exile, but Laxman forced her to stay home. Laxman wanted to protect Ram and Sita from all the dangers, defeating sleep. So he approached Nindra, the Goddess of Sleep and asked her to look over him for the next 14 years. Nindra commanded that someone had to sleep on behalf of him to create a balance. So Laxman asked her to consider Urmila for this. Nindra went to the palace of Ayodhya and asked Urmila if she would like to take up Laxman’s sleep, to which she gladly agreed.

Urmila slept for 14 years, until the day of Ram’s coronation. If Urmila had not helped, Laxman would have never been able to slay Megnath, the one who was granted a boon that only Gudakesh could kill him. It can be one of the best stories from Ramayana for children.