When Ram Issued A Death Sentence To Hanuman

Ramayana Stories

Narada could not stand the harmony in the kingdom after Lord Rama took over his father’s place as the king. So he tried to create differences between Hanuman and Ram. When the sages appeared in the court, Narada tricked Hanuman to greet all the sages except Vishwamitra, as he was not a sage by birth. Hanuman did as suggested, which did not bother Vishwamitra initially.

But following the instigation of Narada, Vishwamitra became all charged up and asked Lord Rama to issue a death sentence to Hanuman. Being the disciple of Vishwamitra, Rama could not contradict Vishwamitra’s command and ordered Hanuman’s execution by arrows. The statement of execution was also issued the next day. But none of the arrows could harm Hanuman.

Lord Rama then used the Brahmastra, his most powerful weapon. But even Brahmastra failed before Hanuman. Do you know why it happened? Because Hanuman kept chanting Lord Rama’s name. Narada realized his mistake and pleaded Vishwamitra to stop the war.