The Story Of A Squirrel

Ramayana Stories

After the kidnap of Sita, Lord Rama along with this crowd of monkey and bears starts making a bridge over the sea that would connect them to Lanka. Lord Rama was proud to see the enthusiasm, devotion and energy level of his army towards the construction of the bridge. A little squirrel was picking up a pebble in her mouth and putting it near the boulders. She did it again and again and effortlessly.

At that moment, a monkey noticed her and started making fun of her. He told her to stay away lest a boulder crush her. Hearing this, everyone started making fun of her. The squirrel was in tears. Lord Rama was noticing all this from a distance.

Upset, the squirrel went to Lord Rama and complained about everyone to him. Lord Rama then demonstrated to the Army how the pebble thrown by the squirrel has worked as the connector between the two boulders. Even her contribution is as valuable as the other members of the army.

Acknowledging the squirrel’s effort, Lord Rama stroked the squirrel’s back. The stroking left the marks of his finger on the body of the squirrel. Since then, the squirrels have carried white stripes on their body.