Surpanakha, The Stimulus Of The Battle Of Lanka:

Ramayana Stories

Most accounts of Ramayana suggest that Surpanakha, Ravana’s sister had no interest in Rama. But Valmiki’s Ramayana accounts that Surpanakha approached Rama, but he rejected her for Sita. Soorpnakha then proposed to Laxman, but even he rejected her. Angered by the rejection, Surpanakha tried to hurt Sita. Fearing Sita’s life, Rama told Laxman to chop off her ears and nose. To seek revenge, Surpanakha induced Ravana to kidnap Sita, which triggered the battle.

But other accounts suggest that Surpanakha enticed Ravana to kidnap Sita to avenge her husband’s death. Surpanakha was first married to Dushtabuddhi Rakasha, who enjoyed great favors from Ravana, But his greed for more enraged Ravana and he had him killed. Distraught by the death of Dushtabuddhi Rakasha, Surpnakha realized that only Rama could kill Ravana. So, when Laxman chopped off her nose, she provoked Ravana to kidnap Sita as an act of revenge. This is an ideal Ramayana stories for children.